Product Features

  • High quality aluminum alloy housing.
  • With a built-in fan for heat dissipation.
  • Stable & reliable, Compact and lightweight.
  • With a tripod, conveniently to place it at anywhere.
  • With a project-light hole, it gives out brilliant colorful light beams.
  • Suitable places: Disco, ballrooms, KTV rooms, bars, stages, parties and hotels, etc.
  • Red and green “stars” sparkle/move/combine/appear/disappear automatically or according to sound/music volume. Magical and Beautiful.

Safety Instructions

  • Avoid direct eye contact with the laser.
  • Do not turn on and off it frequently and try to avoid making it worked for a long time.
  • This unit is intended for indoor use only and should be prevented from water, moisture and shake.
  • The working temperature of this unit is 15~30°C and it must be powered off after continuously working 2 hours to let the laser diode cool down.